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ABS Newtex~2.txt ABS Braking At 03:39 +0000 2004/07/03, Keith so eloquently expressed: >I was at Hasting & Willingdon around 5PM today in the rain, when >P3163 on rte 160 was E/B on Hastings and the light changed. For wha t >ever reason the driver chose to stop for the light rather than >continuing through. It nosed dived in the front and the rear duals >locked up, and skidded for about 15-20 feet making one heck of a >noise, but she kept it fairly straight. So...

bcer British Columbia Electric Railway British Columbia Electric Railway (BCER) Transit in B.C.s three major urban areas (Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster) was introduced by companies other than the BCER. These companies eventually merged to form the Consolidated Railway & Light Co. But a tragic event in 1896 ensured that Consolidated Railway would not operate the province's transit. A river bridge in Victoria collapsed, killing 55 people. Although an inquiry would later put blame on t...

TRIDENTS ------- Start of forwarded message ------- Subject: Re: Trident report To: Michael TaylorNoonan From: Ba See Lo Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 16:49:49 -0700 Some friends of mine and I recently made a day trip to Victoria to ride the Trident double-deckers and the Dart low-floor buses. The transit strike in Vancouver is leaving us gunzels with withdrawal symptoms! The drivers seem to love the vehicles, both manufactured by Dennis. The Tridents have a Cummins ISM engine coup...

Wheelchair Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Experimental wheelchair lift fitted to 2846 (From Transit Vancouver newsgroup on yahoo groups) > Interesting to note as well that at one time, 2846 was fitted with a wheelchair lift as an experiment to see how difficult it would be to fit lifts in the trolleybus fleet. The lift was fitted to the rear doors... resulting in a 3 seat- bench being placed opposite the rear exit. To make up for the lost seats, some ...

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National Coach Lines Ltd. (AB)
HELP bumper;PM:I remember hearing about an accident involving bus 871 sometime around 1985 or 1986 (not sure of the date) on Government Street in down

BC Transit (BC) 8873
HELP bumper Victoria. named Seychelles for 1994 Commonwealth Games;02/02: deplated ex 3917BW;;02/10:deplated ex 5286FN; 09/08:Andy Hill: Was just fi

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 4210
Renumbered to permanent series, Winter 1996 06/22/98*:STC; 99/4: Ex-BCT :- Dec 1992 - 5446 lost control and fishtailed into a streetlight on 8th

Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 3106
6V92TA turbo eng., w/ch lift, electronic signs 3236- Renumbered into permanent series, Winter 95/96; 1996 December, 19- V3106 attempted to go down th

Pacific Coach Lines (1984) Ltd (BC) 2005
no washroom 06/04:06/04/14:Pacific Coach Lines Prevost #2005 was involved in an accident at HWY17 and 56th Street (entrance to Tsawwassen)at about 06

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2147
07/10: Arson and spray paint attack while parked OOS on street waiting for someone to drive it back to the depot. Earlier that evening, the driver had

D800 D10240 0595
BC Transit (BC) 3144
DE, 3144-damaged severely in accident 11/23/89;retired and scrapped;(Lost steering control and striking hydro pole at north end of Oak Street Bridge.

TDH5303 C1016
Perimeter Tpn. (BC) 665
ex Calgary Transit 615 (AB);used as BC Transit bus for films 21 Jump Street & Booker in 1989

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01.503 0166
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC)
Georgia Street

West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC)
Homer Street, with original roll-sign

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC)
V3118 being diverted off of Oak Street onto 57th Ave during a police incident. (DT Photo)

BC Transit (BC)
N/B 6th Street, Kamloops BC - Apr 2014

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC)
Just turning onto the bottom of 8th Street NB on the 123 route, New Westminster BC

E902 E10240 2447
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC)
On Richards Street during restringing of new wire. Note badly spaced rear unit transfers

T48A 8179
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC)
Robson Street

T48A 8211
Metro Transit Operating Co
Robson Street

T6H5307N C2140
BC Transit (BC)
As 4691, Cambie Street

T8H5305A 104
Pacific Coach Lines (1984) Ltd (BC)
Georgia Street,during Expo 86

TDH5304 C036
BC Transit (BC)
Burrard Street in experimental colours

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