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Vehicles are listed in the main database under current ownership, and in a history database by former identities.

If searching by Owner, please use the Company code.

For Model or Manufacturer, use standardised names. Normally spaces and hyphens are eliminated, but periods remain, e.g. Motor Coach Industries is M.C.I. (no spaces), MC-7 is MC7 and so on. You can search for these below. To search by year, do not enter century. For example, enter '76' for 1976, '06' for 2006.

Searches by unit number or owner will also show possible matches from the history database.
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This search tool only retrives data such as VIN, unit number etc. However, once you have located the vehicle you want, available photographs can be browsed. Use Knowledgebase to search for documents and events related to specific vehicles, such as fires, accidents etc. You can also search photograph captions using the Knowledgebase.

I have now started to mark vehicles that may have been retired as OORS - Out of Revenue Service. I also use this to flag any suspicious entries such as those with incorrect VINs etc. to bring them to my attention and eventual investigation: so OORS is not to be taken as definitive.

Advanced Search.

Search for vehicles: Hint: Searching for VIN, you can enter a portion of a query string to broaden your search. If you wish to search by owner, you must use the correct code. See below.

where is


Search for standardised Builder/Model name:
Builder name contains (up to five characters):

Search for Company code: Hint: Enter as many or as few characters as you wish. The more characters, the fewer results.


Search for abbreviation of Location:
Location begins with (up to eight characters):

The rosters are derived from the work of a number of transit historians, including Peter Cox, Les Broughton, Ian Macdonald, Jim Bowman, Ian Fuller, Terry Muirhead and Ken Baker.



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