2GHYT82W2C35004848873 BC Transit (BC) G.M.C. T6H5307N4/82Central Fraser Vly.RETIREDHELP bumper Victoria. named Seychelles for 1994 Commonwealth Games;02/02: deplated ex 3917BW;;02/10:deplated ex 5286FN; 09/08:Andy Hill: Was just filming Season 5 of the TV series "Supernatural" (episode 504) at the old 'Watchmen' set at Byrne Rd. and Marine Way in a city scene they'd built/inherited. It involved a post-apocalyptic street scene littered with vehicles all over and in the middle of all of it was a graffiti-covered (at least on one side) ex-BC Transit T6H5307N with the front windows and the right side windows all smashed out. Inside is still really good with just one passenger seat and the driver's seat missing, but the rest is all there. It even still had brochures in the Buzzer pockets. Looks like the fuel tank was removed and one of the 6V-71 heads, but otherwise everything's there including the rollsign mech, rear sign, and even license plates. (mt);

UPF: 5907


873 Metro Transit Operating Co Assigned to Victoria
8873 Metro Transit Operating Co Victoria to BC Transit 85/06
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria Stored 02/02
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Active 02/05
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to ACTIVE 02/05
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored 02/10
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Active 01/05
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Active 09/05
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored 06/04
8873 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Central Fraser Vly. as Active 2006
8873 BC Transit (BC) Central Fraser Vly. Retired.

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