Buses in British Columbia, Canada

Until 2015


Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) #9284, is a 2007 B.I.A. 05.501. Caption: S/B Burrard St, Vancouver BC - Oct 2008 (Keith Hodges)

What is in this database?

Buses operated by companies in British Columbia, delivered before 2015.
Related documents, photographs and videos of those vehicles.

What about vehicles delivered after 2015?

We recommend visiting the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board.

How are the records organised?

By VIN or Model/Serial number. You can though search by Unit # -- this will give you a list of possible matches.
Vehicle details are contained in two databases: one, detailing the last known identity, and another listing former identities. This approach was developed in response to the system adopted by BC Electric, BC Hydro and BC Transit for fleet organization. Buses were renumbered when transferred between depots. Vehicles are also listed by Unified Provincial Number - a system used by the Urban Transit Authority. In the interests of data standardisation, codes are used for companies, manufacturers and bus models. You can search for the applicable code.

What about documents, photographs & Videos?

These are cross-referenced to vehicle by VIN/Serial Number, so you should search for the vehicle first. You can also browse the collection.

What is not in the database?

Documents and photographs of a general nature. Search the Transit Museum TOPICS database and Gallery for these.

What can I do if I find an error in the data?

We welcome corrections. Each page will show a link to contact a data administrator and tell them why you think the data should be corrected.

Who is responsible for the data provided?

The data was originally collected from information provided by transit enthusiasts including Terry Muirhead, Jim Bowman, Les Broughton. Ongoing corrections are handled by our data administrators. The textual data is released to the public domain by Transit Museum Society, however photographs and videos remain under copyright of the owner credited.
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