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2759 Michael Taylor-Noonan From: taylornoonan [] Sent: October 16, 2004 10:25 AM To: Subject: Fwd: 2759 --- In, John Wollenzin wrote: The death of 2759 has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. The only damage to the bus are the wood planks to which the pole base is attached.....they MAY need replacing,...

Comparison of Modes
Adding up to a cleaner environment Transit Exchange, July/Aug. 1998 Both trolleys and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses play their part in reducing pollution in the Greater Vancouver region. Along with diesel buses, they make up most of the BC Transit fleet. How do trolleys and CNG buses rate pollution wise? And how does each of these technologies compare in cost? After covering diesel buses in the February issue of Transit Exchange, we now tackle the rest of the fleet. Trolley buses: in ...

NFI Trolleys in Vancouver
NFI Trolleys in Vancouver  and it was here that the UTA double arrow was affix ed. This of course never made it to Vancouver, and the rest had the blue stripe carry o n to the front of the bus at the sme level. It was a couple of years later (mid-1994) that BCT decided to eliminate the blackout front on all the buses and the entire fleet was repainted so that the blue and white carried across the front. The inside of those doors then became a constant co mplaint with drivers co...

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Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 7449
0 10/01:S7449 does not have the Init overhead interior sign(MID112). It has the old \"next stop\" sign only. No digital read out of upcoming stops.

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