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4.8_Bus_Technology_and_Alternative_Fuels -2- The emission data will also allow us to refine our fleet emissions inventory used to estimate the effect of implemented strategies. To date, the project has included 21 test buses representing the following technologies and fuels: Table 1 Tested Technologies Engine Systems Drive Train Technology Bus Engine ...

alt_fuel June 21, 2007 TransLink puts alt-fuel buses into service TransLink has put two test buses, powered by a blend of hydrogen gas, recovered from an industrial process and compressed natural gas (CNG) into regular service carrying passengers. The buses, converted 1998 New Flyer coaches as part of TransLink's Bus Demonstration Project, have been going through evaluation for the past two years. Now, they are in service in the Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam area, carrying fare-paying passengers to ...

BBC trolleys for Vancouver
BBC trolleys for Vancouver Search: --- In Transit - , "Jim" wrote: "It's unfortunate that one simple decision made in 1981 (the decision to go with Westinghouse over Brown Boveri) resulted in the overall cost of these new trolleys (Flyer E901/2) being some five times that of their replacements." What utter bullshit. The BBC trolleys were a non - starter in Vancouver. It was not a "simple decision". BBC's decision to go prime and tie themselves up wit...

bcer British Columbia Electric Railway British Columbia Electric Railway (BCER) Transit in B.C.s three major urban areas (Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster) was introduced by companies other than the BCER. These companies eventually merged to form the Consolidated Railway & Light Co. But a tragic event in 1896 ensured that Consolidated Railway would not operate the province's transit. A river bridge in Victoria collapsed, killing 55 people. Although an inquiry would later put blame on t...

bct1 bct The history of transit in British Columbia, Canada, is really the history of one company, the British Columbia Electric Railway Ltd. It and its successor companies -it was provincialised in 1962- provide public transit throughout the province. At first, just Vancouver and Victoria, but beginning in 1972, the provincial government offered transit service to various other communities. Some cities, like Nelson, Powell River, and West Vancouver, already had municipally owned transit sy...

Comparison of Modes
Adding up to a cleaner environment Transit Exchange, July/Aug. 1998 Both trolleys and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses play their part in reducing pollution in the Greater Vancouver region. Along with diesel buses, they make up most of the BC Transit fleet. How do trolleys and CNG buses rate pollution wise? And how does each of these technologies compare in cost? After covering diesel buses in the February issue of Transit Exchange, we now tackle the rest of the fleet. Trolley buses: in ...

news 01/01: From a source in Victoria: Tridents were not to be put out in service New Years Eve. But, apparently, they were. Three had seats slashed on the upper deck. All have been repaired using spare bolts of cloth sent over from the UK with the buses. Overall BCT is pleased with the Tridents and will likely exercise its option for more, but this time with Alexander bodywork. Trident 9009 seems to be the odd man out... its body was built in Birmingham, England, not Portugal. It appears the ...

vancouver.pdf Vancouver Transit Natural Gas Bus System Background BC Transit - Vancouver, provides a fully integrated natural gas and pay the standard tariff rate. The buses transit service in the Vancouver lower mainland area were commissioned and introduced into service in using diesel, CNG buses, trolley buses, Sea Bus, Sky November 1995 and operate out of the Port Coquitlam Train and commuter rail in an 1,800 square kilometre Transit Facility....

wac W.A.C. Bennett & B.C.E One aspect of the story of the B.C.E. which has puzzled me is this: It was the Socred government of W.A.C. Bennett that nationalized the B.C. Power Corporation, parent of the B.C.E. But, the Socreds as they became in the time I've lived in the province were right wing, free enterprise oriented. What would make them want to expropriate a private corporation? W.A.C. Bennett & B.C. Electric In researching this note, I've come to realize that W.A.C. Bennett cannot ...

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Demonstration vehicle
Orion VII hybrid electric demo :driven by BAE HybriDrive propulsion system. 5.9 diesel engine drives the generator which generates electricity to the

E901A E10240 2326
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2711
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned by Hong Kong; tested new electric retrievers for a while; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;02/06: rereg. fr. 7902NT

E901A E10240 2329
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2714
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors Owned by Hong Kong; tested new electric retrievers for a while ; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;Famous Foods Rear Ad 00/11;Famous

E901A E10240 2330
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2715
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned by Hong Kong; tested new electric retrievers for a while; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;02/06: rereg. fr. 9922NA

E901A E10240 2332
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2717
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned by Hong Kong;99/2:noticed sensor on roof at rear with cable to motor compartment.(MTN); tested new electri

E901A E10240 2334
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2719
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned by Hong Kong; tested new electric retrievers for a while ; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;;02/06: rereg. fr. 7909NT;02/09:C

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 9621
08/12:rolled down hill and into front of Salvation Army thrift store (the former B.C. Electric Railway depot.[IS] )in New West. (Dec 9th)

34S 308B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4812
4812- Ex BC Electric Railway M812 in 1964,

34S 309B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4810
4810- Ex BC Electric Railway M810 in 1964,

34S 310B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4811
Ex BC Electric Railway M811 in 1964,

34S 311B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4813
4813- Ex BC Electric Railway M813 in 1964,

34S 312B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4814
4814- Ex BC Electric Railway M814 in 1964,

34S 740B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3170
ex BC Electric Railway M170- in 1964, retired

34S 741B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3171
ex BC Electric Railway M171 in 1964, retired

34S 742B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3172
ex BC Electric Railway M172 in 1964, retired

34S 743B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3173
ex BC Electric Railway M173 in 1964, retired

34S 744B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3174
ex BC Electric Railway M174 in 1964, retired

34S 745B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3175
ex BC Electric Railway M175 in 1964, retired

34S 746B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3176
ex BC Electric Railway M176 in 1964, retired

34S 747B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3177
3177- ex BC Electric Railway M177 in 1964, retired

34S 748B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3178
3178- ex BC Electric Railway M178 in 1964, retired

34S 749B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3179
3179- ex BC Electric Railway M179 in 1964, retired

34S 750B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5931
to NVTC as M863, renumbered 4863,Ex BC Electric Railway M863 in 1964, to NW as 5931. retired

34S 753B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4860
To NVTC ex OTC,M183 renumbered 4860 ex BC Electric Railway M860 in 1964,retired by 1965

34S 754B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4861
To NVTC as M861, renumbered 4861, Ex BC Electric Railway M861 in 1964 PHOTO:JB/BCE-90-M861-M

38S 420B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5909
5909- ex BC Electric Railway M909 in 1964, retired.

38S 747B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5930
5930 -ex BC Electric Railway M930 in 1964, retired

38S 748B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5935
5935- ex BC Electric Railway M935 in 1964, retired

38S 751B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 6260
5928-ex BC Electric Railway M928 in 1964, retired 1966:Xfr to Pacific Stage Lines for service in North Surrey. Daily except Sunday it will make 15 tr

38S 754B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5925
5925-ex BC Electric Railway M925 in 1964, retired

38S 756B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5926
5926-ex BC Electric Railway M926 in 1964, retired

38S 757B
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5922
5922-ex BC Electric Railway M922 in 1964, retired

38S 90
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4802
ex BC Electric Railway M802 in 1961,

38S 91
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4803
ex BC Electric Railway M803 in 1961,

38S 92
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4804
ex BC Electric Railway M804 in 1961,

38S 93
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4805
ex BC Electric Railway M805 in 1961,

38S 94
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4806
ex BC Electric Railway M806 in 1961,

38S 95
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4807
ex BC Electric Railway M807 in 1961,

38S 96
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4808
ex BC Electric Railway M808 in 1961,

38S 97
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4809
ex BC Electric Railway M809 in 1961,

41S 1080C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4828
ex BC Electric Railway M828 in 1964,retired

41S 1082C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4842
ex BC Electric Railway in 1964 3242 to North Vancouver Garage 4842 retired.

41S 1084C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4843
ex BC Electric Railway in 1964 3243 to North Vancouver Garage 4843 retired.

41S 1085C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3248
ex BC Electric Railway M248 in 1964 3248 retired

41S 1086C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3247
ex BC Electric Railway M247 in 1964 3247 retired

41S 1087C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4845
ex BC Electric Railway M245 in 1964 3245 to North Vancouver Garage 4845, retired.

41S 1088C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4844
ex BC Electric Railway M244 in 1964 3244 to North Vancouver Garage 4844, retired.

41S 1089C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3246
ex BC Electric Railway M246 in 1964 3246- retired

41S 1090C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3249
ex BC Electric Railway M249 in 1964 3249 retired

41S 1091C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3251
ex BC Electric Railway M251 in 1964 3251 retired, sold to Bremerton-Charleston Transit, WA, #144;

41S 1092C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3250
ex BC Electric Railway M250 in 1964 3250 retired

41S 1093C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3252
ex BC Electric Railway M252 in 1964 3252 retired

41S 138
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4823
ex BC Electric Railway M823 in 1964, retired by 1969

41S 139
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4821
ex BC Electric Railway M821 in 1964, is this 41S? retired by 1969

41S 141
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4849
to NVTC as M849, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M849 in 1964,to Calgary Transit 208 in 1965.

41S 142
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4824
ex BC Electric Railway M824 in 1964, retired by 1969

41S 204
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5991
ex BC Electric Railway M160 in 1964, to New West as 5991, retired

41S 205
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4855
M141 to NV as M855, renumbered, ex BC Electric Railway M855 in 1964,retired. Sold to Bremerton-Charleston Transit M141 PHOTO: BT-50-3 4/52

41S 207
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5978
to NVTC as M851, renumb. 4851,ex BC Electric Railway M851 in 1964, to NW as 5978 retired.

41S 208
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4822
ex BC Electric Railway M822 in 1964, retired by 1965

41S 210
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4854
to NVT as M854, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M854 in 1964, to Calagry Transit 203 in 1965;KB:4854 is located in the backyard of 308 14 Avenue (Or

41S 211
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5984
ex BC Electric Railway M153 in 1964, 3153 to New West Garage 5984 in 1965

41S 213
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4850
to NVTC as M850, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M850 in 1964, retired.

41S 214
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4825
ex BC Electric Railway M825 in 1964, retired by 1969

41S 215
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5992
to NW,ex OTC 3161, nee BC Electric Railway M161 in 1964, retired

41S 216
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4847
to NVTC as M847 renumbered as 4847, ex BC Electric Railway M847 in 1964,retired

41S 217
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4834
renumbered ex BC Electric Railway in 1964 to North Vancouver Garage 4834,in 1965, retired

41S 220
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3146
ex BC Electric Railway in 1964, to Calgary Transit 205 in 1965

41S 227
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4820
ex BC Electric Railway M820 in 1964, [check is this 41S?] retired by 1969

41S 229
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4831
ex BC Electric Railway M142 in 1964 3142- to North Vancouver Garage,in 1965. retired

41S 230
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4835
ex BC Electric Railway M148 in 1964,3148 to North Vancouver Garage 4835 in 1965.

41S 231
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5990
ex BC Electric Railway M159 in 1964, 3159 to BTC 5990, retired

41S 232
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4826
ex BC Electric Railway M826 in 1964, retired by 1969

41S 233
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4848
to NVTC as M848, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M848 in 1964,retired.

41S 234
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5988
ex BC Electric Railway M157 in 1964, to New West Garage 5988 in 1965

41S 235
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5987
ex BC Electric Railway M156 in 1964, to New West Garage -5987 in 1965

41S 256
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5979
to NV M853, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M853 in 1964,to NW as 5979, retired.

41S 257
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3147
ex BC Electric Railway M147 in 1964;3147 to Calgary Transit 209 in 1965

41S 258
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4833
renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M144 in 1964 to North Vancouver Garage 4833 in 1965

41S 259
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4832
renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M143 in 1964 to North Vancouver Garage 4832 in 1965; Sold to Bremerton-Charleston Transit

41S 637
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5995
ex BC Electric Railway M164, to New Westminster Garage 5995 PHOTO: BT-50-31 (1957) M164

41S 638
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 5996
ex BC Electric Railway M165 to New Westminster Garage 5996

41S 640
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4898
Ex OTC to NV, renumbered 4838, ex BC Electric Railway M838 in 1964, to Oakridge 3168, to NW 5998.Back to NV as 4898. retired

44S 600C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3390
ex BC Electric Railway M276-M290 in 1964 3287-3288,3290 renumbered 3387-3388,3390 {poss. build date 2/49}

CD52A 17257
Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 3404
dual stream front doors, torque convertor drive, Painted in observation-car theme for "Shopper" service 1/78 Retired by 1981, when "Shopper" ended. So

CD52A 17258
Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 3405
dual stream front doors, torque convertor drive, Painted in observation-car theme for "Shopper" freebus service 1/78 Retired by 1981, when "Shopper" e

T48 5796
Metro Transit Operating Co 2290
dual stream front bi-fold doors, ex Winnipeg Electric Railway 1732, June 8, 1970, retired in 1983

T48 5798
Metro Transit Operating Co 2289
dual stream front bi-fold doors, ex Winnipeg Electric Railway 1736, June 8, 1970 retired in 1983 {serial could be 5796, WET contains errors??)

T48A 8334
Private (See Notes) 2411
dual stream front bi-fold doors; retired by 1984; Spring 2001: Coach repurchased by CMBC from the former A1 United Auto Parts yard. Now stored at Su

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