TDH4519 C233


TDH4519 C2338762 Private (See Notes) G.M.C. TDH45191966HISTORICrebuilt in 1989-1990 to T6H4523N specs., Victoria named Cayman Islands for 1994 Commonwealth Games (This and 0767 were the only TDH4519s retrofitted with the Recaro workstations, power steering etc. in 1990);COWV: Gray Line successfully lobbied BCT to provide another engine when the old one blew.; LBNote re allocation taple: 762 active in COWV: This 1966 TDH 4519 is now the all time BC long service record holder amongst motor buses, and very close to surpassing 2139 and any other 2100 trolleys still active in 1984 as the absolute longest serving transit bus in the province, period. Continous service since 1966, save for one month stored summer 1996. (01/03);02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 7608CE;08/2002:LB reports fitted with bike rack; 2003:KB reports in summer 2003 that 762 of course is still alive and well, ticking away with the engine from 962 and the transmission from 6053. (MT); :Preserved: Rick Norman (mt);

UPF: 6103


8762 BC Transit (BC) Victoria ACTIVE
8762 BC Transit (BC) Cowichan Valley to Victoria 11/05
8762 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored 06/04
8762 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Private (See Notes) as 8762

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Cowichan Valley (Duncan) (Michael Taylor-Noonan)
In 2005, Cowichan, before transfer to Victoria (Brian Schofield)
Bill MacDonald photo from Jason Blond collection (Jason Blond)
Jason Blond Collection (Bill MacDonald) (Jason Blond)

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