T6H5308N C055


T6H5308N C05586 West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) G.M.C. T6H5308N8/73RETIRED 99/?: from STORED to RETIRED;DL:> Former WV #86 is parked in the Movie Production parking lot on the old Canron property. The destination sign glass has been painted to read "36 Downtown". The sides have the name "RapidLink" in green. The rest of the bus is white and medium blue. (not WV blue) The bus appears to be in good condition (99/6); 99/8:repainted for tv series "Harsh Realm" 10/07:Final disposition T6H5308N C055 - West Van 86. Used by 911-filmcars. Cut for scrap July 2010 (JD) (mt);

UPF: 5575
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