T6H4523N C025


T6H4523N C0256202 BC Transit (BC) G.M.C. T6H4523N7/72Central Fraser Vly.2001RETIREDNaniamo. Ex Port Alberni 6202, stored, nee BC Hydro Victoria 788,-to Port Alberni 6202 in 1992; Shows up on Victoria roster 07/29/94 but not with '8' number. named Gambia for 1994 Commonwealth Games 95.06.06: Kelowna 96/02/28 Roster:stored;To Active, CFV by 96/10/11;97/12*:Stored;2001: retired from BCT(CFRV). disposal unknown;

UPF: 6202


788 BC Transit (BC) Victoria Assigned 1972
8788 BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) Victoria Alternate Unit number 1972
788 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Nelson after fire in garage as 6202 1975
8788 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Port Alberni 1992
6202 BC Transit (BC) Port Alberni to Nanaimo
6202 BC Transit (BC) STORED

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