T6H4521 C200


T6H4521 C2006380 BC Transit (BC) G.M.C. T6H45211970Comox ValleyRETIREDEx Victoria 780 in 1990, to Nanaimo to Campbell River 6380 in 1992;98/6:Stored;98/11:Stored (COMO); :Both this and 781 had the top of dashboard push button transmission shifters. These two buses had their back doors sealed and had suburban front facing seats for a period when they were made orange/brown (brown front) fast buses. They eventually had their original seats and rear door replaced. (There is some debate over rear door in that these were replaced on a seasonal basis for tour work) (MK);

UPF: 6380


780 BC Transit (BC) Victoria Renumbered 8780
8780 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Nanaimo, #6380 1990
6380 BC Transit (BC) Nanaimo to Campell River, #6380 1992

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