T6H4521 C043


T6H4521 C0438778 BC Transit (BC) G.M.C. T6H45211969RETIREDrebuilt in 1989-1990 to T6H4523N specs., named Guernsey for 1994 Commonwealth Games 95.06.06: Squamish; In store by 96/10/11 PHOTO: PA/E-01822 ;99/?: retired from BCT(SQAM). : :Interesting discussion on Facebook re front marker lights.There was a brief experiment with a free zone downtown on all routes in 1977 (pay as you leave if travelling beyond cook, bay, belleville or the bridge) this was awkward cumbersome etc. so the shuttle was introduced. ran in a loop via nb Governmenr, eb Fisgard, sb Douglas wb Belleville on demand. monday to saturday, 778 and 779 were the buses that did this work, blank dest signs but had promo signs attached. Both front and back lights were removed, on both buses.What strikes me as odd is that the lights were not reinstalled after the freebus experiment.so the body and paint team painstakingly rebuilt the shells of both buses, and put caps over the holes where the clearance lights used to be, as a tribute to their sacrifice lol(LB) (mt);

UPF: 6156



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