T48A 8334


T48A 83342411 Private (See Notes) C.C.F. T48A1/5402/04HISTORICdual stream front bi-fold doors; retired by 1984; Spring 2001: Coach repurchased by CMBC from the former A1 United Auto Parts yard. Now stored at Surrey Transit Centre, for a possible downtown heritage ETB route;02/04:Vancouver Brill T48A 2411 now has a home at the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society. (ZW); Sold to: Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society. ;


2411 British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC) Xf'd to BC Hydro & Power Authority 62/4
2411 BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr Xf'd to Metro Transit Operating Co. 80/4
2411 Metro Transit Operating Co to Coast Mountain Bus Co., #2411 2001
2411 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) to Museum (See Notes) 02/04

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