T48 5605


T48 56052123 Metro Transit Operating Co C.C.F. T484/49RETIREDdual stream front bi-fold doors, seats reduced to 42, converted to single seating left side in 1954. 2101-2168 retired by 1983 July 1973:Painted in experiment colours. It actually ran in a couple of variations, with the orange apron round the front being painted at various depths, and with variants to the number size and placement. And then there were the "indecision" buses 2124 and up to about 2127 I believe, which ran in all-over white with no logos. The paint scheme and logo, incidentally, were inspired by Oahu County paint scheme of the day which incorporated the same orange and yellow colours (though much more prominent on the vehicle) and used "The Bus" branding. A certain Director of Transit came back from Hawaii with pictures, it got turned over to an ad agency, and voila, 2123 emerged. The Flyer D700s soon followed, as did fishbowl 4710 which just happened to be next in the paint shop.Turned a few heads back then, when everything on the road was hydro blue & green. John Day (MT);



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