T44 5273


T44 52732033 BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) C.C.F. T447/47RETIREDTrolley coaches used to convert Fraser-Cambie streetcar line in 1947. 2033 retired 1976. Electrical equipment salvaged for fitting into Flyer E800's (2600 series). :Regarding the "Brill redux?" article in the latest issue of the TRAMS newsletter. The Sanford Report lists this bus as Brill T-44 #2033. It shows it being removed from the roster in November, 1973 and returning in February, 1975 (mt);


2033 British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr Assigned to Oakridge 47/8
2033 British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr Xfered to BCH&PA, same # 62/4
2033 BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr Retired 1976

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