SDM5302 479


SDM5302 4798961 BC Transit (BC) G.M.C. SDM53024/64VictoriaRETIREDex Inter-County Motor Line 157, assigned to Royal Blue Line Motor Tours, to Pacific Coach Lines, as 4406; renumbered 961; briefly used in Victoria, 1980. briefly used at OTC, 1984 retired; Offered for sale 3/87

UPF: 6309


606 Royal Blue Line Tours ex Inter-County Motor Line, #157
606 Royal Blue Line Tours to Pacific Coach Lines, #4406
4406 Pacific Coach Lines (1979) Ltd to BC Transit, Victoria, #961 1980
961 BC Transit (BC) Renumbered to 8961
8961 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to OTC. 1984

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