MC2 DV6RE 589


MC2 DV6RE 5896528 Wilson Tpn. (BC) M.C.I. MC26/60RETIREDnee Sorenson Bus Line Ltd. 162, ex Sunburst Motor Coaches Ltd. 304,ex Coachways Systems Ltd. S-137, ex Vancouver Island C.L. 617, Victoria, BC, to Pacific Stage Lines 6361, to PCL, renumbered 6528; sold on to Wilson Tptn., Victoria BC (poss. Tilicum Stage Line 2)


617 Van. Island Coach Lines (BC) Ex- Coachways Sys. Ltd. S137
617 Van. Island Coach Lines (BC) to Pacific Stage Lines, 6361
6361 Pacific Stage Lines Ltd. (BC) to Pacific Coach Lines, 6528
6528 Pacific Coach Lines (1979) Ltd to Wilson Tpn., #6528

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