E901A E10240 2354


E901A E10240 23542739 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Flyer E901A1982Vancouver Tst. Ctre.08/04RETIREDDE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned By Hong Kong; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;02/06: rereg. fr. 7929NT 03/12:03/12/30:approx 8pm 2739 was involved in a MVA N/B Fraser & E 38. Seems as if a Car traveling S/B spun out on the slick streets due to the snow fall doing a 360 across the oncoming lanes of Traffic striking 2739. Minor damage to the bus, & a Cracked Drivers Window. Car suffered the most damage a twisted wreck & occupants had to be freed by the Jaws of Life.(TM) (MT);

UPF: 2690


2739 Metro Transit Operating Co Oakridge Transit Ctr Assigned to Oakridge 1982
2739 Metro Transit Operating Co Oakridge Transit Ctr to BC Transit, same # 85/6
2739 BC Transit (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr to Coast Mountain Bus Co., same # 99/4
2739 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr Transferred to VTC 06/09
2739 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Vancouver Tst. Ctre. Retired. 07/03

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