D800B D96351456


D800B D963514561215 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Flyer D800B1979RETIREDSpring/98:OTC;Fall/98:STC;prefixed S 99/3-4; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;00/09: rereg. fr. 4581CH; 01/02/23:Loaned to BC Transit, Victoria as 1215; 01/09:Noted at BTC North (TM);: retired from Coast Mountain Bus Co.,(STOR). , 02/07: No longer at BTC North, assumed retired;


1215 BC Transit (BC) Oakridge Transit Ctr ex Community Transit, Everett, Wa. 98/1
1215 BC Transit (BC) Surrey Transit Ctr to Surrey Transit Centre 1998
1215 BC Transit (BC) Surrey Transit Ctr Xf'd to Coast Mountain Bus Co. 99/4
1215 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Victoria Xfr'd to VICT 01/02
1215 BC Transit (BC) Returned and Stored 01/??

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