41S 210


41S 2104854 BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) Fageol Twin Coach 41S7/47RETIREDto NVT as M854, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M854 in 1964, to Calagry Transit 203 in 1965;KB:4854 is located in the backyard of 308 14 Avenue (Or 13 Avenue) N.E, Calgary Alberta. This bus is a shell, with some of the interior left, but not too much of it. The current owner put in a new Fageol engine and a Allison 6 speed automatic tranny into the bus and has little or no miles on it since it was put into the bus. 4854 was used by the Calgary White-Hatters marching band and went all over North America. The owner is asking $2000 for the shell of 4854, just enough for scrap metal price to quote him. He has put in about $5000-$8000 work into the bus and hasn't done anything in a couple of years. (99/4)


M140 British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC)
M140 British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC)
M854 British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC) To BCH 62/1 and re# 1964

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