2GHYT82W5B35006388864 Farwest G.M.C. T6H5307N81/042004RETIREDVictoria. named Zimbabwe for 1994 Commonwealth Games leased from Royal ;02/10:deplated ex 3914BW; 2004:sold for scrap (lb); 08/06:Was in Prince Rupert area last week on holidays and came across 2 former Victoria BC Transit fishbowls. They are parked at the FarWest Coach Lines depot downtown, and I asked one of the drivers (he was parking a Prevost) – they are apparently used to ferry cruise ship passengers around town. They are painted dark blue and white, and both have advertisements on the sides and rear, and have current license plates, so they are definitely “active”. They are #802 (faded “Spirit of Zimbabwe” on windshield), and #864 (looks like faded “Spirit of Zambia” on windshield){BS} (MT);

UPF: 5878


864 BC Transit (BC)
8864 BC Transit (BC)
8864 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to ACTIVE
8864 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored 02/10
8864 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Retired 2004
8864 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Farwest as 8864 2004

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