2GHYT82W1C35004891566 Fort McMurray Transit (AB) G.M.C. T6H5307N4/82ACTIVEHELP bumper;Victoria;named Papua New Guinea for 1994 Commonwealth Games;PM:The other 1982 GM T6H-5307N that collided with 879 was 878, I am not sure which order it was, but one of the two buses (878 or 879) broadsided the other in the accident. I Believe that it was a friend of mine, Dave Smith (Victoria Transit Driver) that gave me this information. I will check with him the next time I talk to him to find out which of the buses (878 & 879) hit the other; 02/03:Stored & deplated, ex 3921BW;Last Fishbowl; ;02/10:deplated ex 5290FN;02/10:No longer on Stored roster -rumour sold to Ft. MacMurray;

UPF: 5912


878 BC Transit (BC)
8878 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored 02/03
8878 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Active 02/05
8878 BC Transit (BC) Victoria to Stored 02/10
BC Transit (BC) to Fort McMurray Transit (AB), #1566

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