1VH5H6M26Y65012579201 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) B.I.A. 05.5012000Richmond Tst. Ctr.00/12ACTIVEPilot unit delivered in November, 2000. As you walk into the bus, the seating arrangement is like a regular transit bus due to the wheel chair lift, from the second row on, the seats all face forward and are placed on a platform. The bus is powered by a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine coupled to an Allison B500-R 6-speed transmission. All these coaches will have AC as well. (AM)

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Waiting to move to bay in front of Waterfront Station for departure (Michael Taylor-Noonan)
This coach had its stripe painted purple for use with the West Coast Express as the "Trainbus". The blue remained under the advertising frame, visible many years later when it was removed Apr 2016 (Michael Taylor-Noonan)

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