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alt_fuel June 21, 2007 TransLink puts alt-fuel buses into service TransLink has put two test buses, powered by a blend of hydrogen gas, recovered from an industrial process and compressed natural gas (CNG) into regular service carrying passengers. The buses, converted 1998 New Flyer coaches as part of TransLink's Bus Demonstration Project, have been going through evaluation for the past two years. Now, they are in service in the Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam area, carrying fare-paying passengers to ...

BBC trolleys for Vancouver
BBC trolleys for Vancouver Search: --- In Transit - , "Jim" wrote: "It's unfortunate that one simple decision made in 1981 (the decision to go with Westinghouse over Brown Boveri) resulted in the overall cost of these new trolleys (Flyer E901/2) being some five times that of their replacements." What utter bullshit. The BBC trolleys were a non - starter in Vancouver. It was not a "simple decision". BBC's decision to go prime and tie themselves up wit...

bcer British Columbia Electric Railway British Columbia Electric Railway (BCER) Transit in B.C.s three major urban areas (Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster) was introduced by companies other than the BCER. These companies eventually merged to form the Consolidated Railway & Light Co. But a tragic event in 1896 ensured that Consolidated Railway would not operate the province's transit. A river bridge in Victoria collapsed, killing 55 people. Although an inquiry would later put blame on t...

bcgov_news_20070430 NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Office of the Premier 2007OTP0057-000539 Ministry of Transportation April 30, 2007 WORLD'S FIRST HYDROGEN BUS FLEET ONE STEP CLOSER VANCOUVER The Province is a step closer to deploying the world's first fleet of hydrogen buses with $45 million that will go toward t...

bct1 bct The history of transit in British Columbia, Canada, is really the history of one company, the British Columbia Electric Railway Ltd. It and its successor companies -it was provincialised in 1962- provide public transit throughout the province. At first, just Vancouver and Victoria, but beginning in 1972, the provincial government offered transit service to various other communities. Some cities, like Nelson, Powell River, and West Vancouver, already had municipally owned transit sy...

Decoding VIN
Transit-Vancouver : Message: RE: [Transit-Vancouver] Decoding VIN (Re: B8104 and B8107 at VTC!) January-01-08 5:30 PM RE: [Transit-Vancouver] Decoding VIN (Re: B8104 and B8107 at VTC!) Happy New Year! Since you were kind enough to supply the VIN for B8110 I can supply a bit more info: Pos 1-3 2FY is the World Manufacturer Index (WMI) for most of New Flyer's Canadian deliveries. They also use 1FY and 5FY mainly for the U.S.-destined coaches. Pos 4 D is the vehicle Type, but NFI mos...

GCTC Greyhound Canada Depot Allocations JB wrote: Greyhound Canada has adopted a system in use by GLI for a couple of years, whereby units in the fleet have been divided up and assigned a "home base" for maintenance purposes. Units assigned to these local pools (VAN=Vancouver, EDO=Edmonton, TOR=Toronto) are dispatched to and from their home base when scheduled maintenance is due. The pool is denoted by a small green circular sticker on the right hand side close to the fleet number. DR, adde...

hydrogen NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Office of the Premier 2007OTP0057-000539 Ministry of Transportation April 30, 2007 WORLD'S FIRST HYDROGEN BUS FLEET ONE STEP CLOSER VANCOUVER The Province is a step closer to deploying the world's first fleet of hydrogen buses with $45 million that will go toward the producti...

Maverick --- In, don rogers wrote: Maverick Coach Lines Ltd. will cease operations on December 31, 2006 after 36 years of operations.Previously, 10 coaches were listed as for sale in the November issue of Bus Ride magazine. DR ...

news 01/01: From a source in Victoria: Tridents were not to be put out in service New Years Eve. But, apparently, they were. Three had seats slashed on the upper deck. All have been repaired using spare bolts of cloth sent over from the UK with the buses. Overall BCT is pleased with the Tridents and will likely exercise its option for more, but this time with Alexander bodywork. Trident 9009 seems to be the odd man out... its body was built in Birmingham, England, not Portugal. It appears the ...

NFI Trolleys in Vancouver
NFI Trolleys in Vancouver  and it was here that the UTA double arrow was affix ed. This of course never made it to Vancouver, and the rest had the blue stripe carry o n to the front of the bus at the sme level. It was a couple of years later (mid-1994) that BCT decided to eliminate the blackout front on all the buses and the entire fleet was repainted so that the blue and white carried across the front. The inside of those doors then became a constant co mplaint with drivers co...

Quesnel BEST PRACTICES IN PUBLIC TRANSIT NO. 1 SUMMER 2005 PUBLISHED BY BC TRANSIT Photo by Mas Matsushita Getting your Politicians on Board: A Case Study Quesnel, British Columbia, a small community of 10,000 residents, is big on transit. City council makes transit a priority and continually stays in touch...

Tridents_Bodies file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Michael/Desktop/docs/Tridents_Bodies.txt From: "Stedall, Richard" Date: Mon Aug 19 08:24:33 2002 To: 'Michael TaylorNoonan' Subject: RE: Tridents in Langley Mike, Ahhhh - this is where it gets complex !!! Today Plaxton, Alexander, Dennis and the former Duple Metsec are all part of TransBus International (c. 70% owned by Mayflower who ...

TRIP Trolley Electronics #1. -How are the electronics set up on our > current fleet? Just what is in the engine bay of the bus and what is mounted underneath? I imagine there's a fairly significant number of batteries for the auxiliary power unit... The batteries are in trays along the left and right sides of the buses, the ones that have grilles in them. #2. -What did they do in the various TRIPP programs? I know there were some changes to improve cooling and to try and keep stuff dry but...

victoria Victoria Numbering System Victoria numbering system The Beginning BCER's Victoria division operated the first motor bus in the company's fleet in 1922, numbered one. Twenty-two coaches entered service through the end of World War II, and these were numbered V1- V22, the letter to differentiate the bus from the mainland "M" series. When the first Brill C36s arrived in 1946, they initially carried a 2 digit number in sequence with earlier coaches; in short order all Victoria buses ...

wac W.A.C. Bennett & B.C.E One aspect of the story of the B.C.E. which has puzzled me is this: It was the Socred government of W.A.C. Bennett that nationalized the B.C. Power Corporation, parent of the B.C.E. But, the Socreds as they became in the time I've lived in the province were right wing, free enterprise oriented. What would make them want to expropriate a private corporation? W.A.C. Bennett & B.C. Electric In researching this note, I've come to realize that W.A.C. Bennett cannot ...

Wheelchair Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Experimental wheelchair lift fitted to 2846 (From Transit Vancouver newsgroup on yahoo groups) > Interesting to note as well that at one time, 2846 was fitted with a wheelchair lift as an experiment to see how difficult it would be to fit lifts in the trolleybus fleet. The lift was fitted to the rear doors... resulting in a 3 seat- bench being placed opposite the rear exit. To make up for the lost seats, some ...

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7494 S14147
Malaspina Coach Lines (BC) 147
o ? 07/07:recently purchased, using on scheduled service (KH); 2007:KB:a while back (about 10 years ago) Western Bus Repair updated these

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 3255
Originally to be 4336, renumbered to put in sequence with the other bus equiped with 'World' transmission. DE, 6V92TA eng., World trans. ; 99/4: Ex-

Greyhound Lines of Canada Ltd.
RT:6549-6552 were used on Westmin Mines contract (now replaced by GCTC 102DL3's 1096-1100) and thats why we did not see much of them for 6 years !

E901A E10240 2337
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2722
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors Owned by Hong Kong; 2722 Ran on the streets in Vancouver for a few years in an experimental Zig Zag stripe before

41S 210
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 4854
to NVT as M854, renumbered ex BC Electric Railway M854 in 1964, to Calagry Transit 203 in 1965;KB:4854 is located in the backyard of 308 14 Avenue (Or

Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 63
Teardrop;for many years emergency canteen for Vancouver Fire Dept.; entered service with VFD at #8 firehall: 1951/11/14;restored by BC Transit

C36 2460
Private (See Notes)
:After retirement in 1968, the bus was moved to a logging camp at Sayward on northern Vancouver Island. Although cosmetically it was in reasonable co

D901A D102402690
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 1163
DE, double-stream front bi-fold doors 3306 renumbered 3170 in 7/91 Renumbered into permanent series, Winter 95/96;Owned by GE Cap; The Music Video of

E800 E10240 0565
BC Transit (BC) 1126
2639 was loaned to Seattle in October 1976. The U.S. city was favourably impressed, and ordered AMG's to replace the Fageol trolleys --including #935

IC37-41 1118
Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 6228
ex Pacific Stage Lines 228 (BCER) ; to Horizon Coach Lines 101 (BC);to TRAMS, Awaiting restoration, EMR: Not running, moderate restoration req'd;

T6H5308N C087
Private (See Notes) 5607
"Super V" gearing pkg. for hillclimbing. To STC, ex Kensington Transit Centre 5811 in 1976 To Victoria 836 to UPF Nanaimo 5607;LB (99/3): 5607 ba

TDH4519 C037
BC Transit (BC) 6060
to UPF 6060, Naniamo , 07/29/94 Spare bus Kamloops 96/02/28:Central Fraser Valley. 97/05*:Stored (CFV);2001: retired from BCT(CFRV). disposal unknown

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Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC)
This coach had its stripe painted purple for use with the West Coast Express as the "Trainbus". The blue remained under the advertising frame, visibl

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