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3001 BC Transit did have the prototype BC Gas TDH5303 - #3001. It was in fact the first experimental dual-fuel vehicle. The CNG was injected into the air intake while diesel went in through a much smaller than normal injector. The bus started on 100% diesel until the intake temperature was high enough to ensure the CNG/diesel mixture would vaporize. The diesel would then drop to about 5% and it served only to lubricate engine seals. Other buses run on 100% CNG suffered from seal failures becaus...

4.8_Bus_Technology_and_Alternative_Fuels -2- The emission data will also allow us to refine our fleet emissions inventory used to estimate the effect of implemented strategies. To date, the project has included 21 test buses representing the following technologies and fuels: Table 1 Tested Technologies Engine Systems Drive Train Technology Bus Engine ...

bct changes july 2008
BCT Vehicle Movements Previous report date:5/1/2008 Reflects changes as of:7/4/2008 8914 moved from COWICHAN CONVENTIONAL to NANAIMO CONVENTIONAL 8604 moved from WHISTLER CONVENTIONAL to KAMLOOPS CONVENTIONAL 8605 moved from WHISTLER CONVENTIONAL to KAMLOOPS CONVENTIONAL 0229 moved from VICTORIA CONVENTIONAL to CRANBROOK CONVENTIONAL checked 574 vehicles. //End of report// ...

BCT Custom Feb 2008 changes

cmbc changes 2008 02
CMBC Vehicle Movements Previous date:2008/01 Reflects changes as of:2008 02 2713 is currently un-allocated. 4170 is currently un-allocated. 7284 moved from S to V 4197 is currently un-allocated. 4207 is currently un-allocated. 4216 is currently un-allocated. 4221 is currently un-allocated. 4244 is currently un-allocated. 4260 is currently un-allocated. 4263 is currently un-allocated. 4274 is currently un-allocated. 3149 moved from N to R 7285 moved from S to V 7287 moved fro...

cmbc changes 2008 03
CMBC Vehicle Movements Previous date:2008 02 Reflects changes as of:2008 03 2782 is currently un-allocated. 2855 is currently un-allocated. 2926 is currently un-allocated. 2941 is currently un-allocated. 3150 is currently un-allocated. 9663 moved from B to V 4227 is currently un-allocated. 3149 moved from R to P 3159 moved from R to P 3166 moved from R to P S025 moved from R to B S028 moved from R to B 2150 moved from V to N 7288 moved from V to S 7289 moved from V to S 72...

cmbc changes 2008 05
CMBC Vehicle Movements Previous date:2008 04 Reflects changes as of:2008 05 S025 moved from B to P S028 moved from B to P S043 moved from B to O S045 moved from B to O S050 moved from B to O S052 moved from B to O S077 moved from B to O S262 moved from B to O S294 moved from B to O 4214 is currently un-allocated. 4278 is currently un-allocated. S280 moved from P to S 7281 moved from R to S S055 moved from R to O 2151 moved from N to V 2152 moved from N to V 2153 moved f...

cmbc changes 2008 06
CMBC Vehicle Movements Previous date:2008 05 Reflects changes as of:2008 06 7283 moved from R to S 7279 moved from V to S 7280 moved from V to S 3151 is currently un-allocated. 3152 moved from N to S 3209 moved from N to S 3248 moved from N to S 3251 moved from N to S 3254 moved from N to S 3299 is currently un-allocated. 3304 is currently un-allocated. //End of report// ...

cmbc changes 2008 10
CMBC Vehicle Movements Previous date:2008 06 Reflects changes as of:2008 10 4187 is currently un-allocated. 9659 moved from V to B 3145 moved from N to V 3148 moved from N to P 3176 moved from N to P 3211 moved from N to P 3217 moved from N to V 3221 moved from N to V 3227 moved from N to R 3244 moved from N to P 3247 moved from N to V 3249 moved from N to P 3252 moved from N to P 3255 moved from N to P 3234 moved from N to V S043 is currently un-allocated. S050 is curren...

Decoding VIN
Transit-Vancouver : Message: RE: [Transit-Vancouver] Decoding VIN (Re: B8104 and B8107 at VTC!) January-01-08 5:30 PM RE: [Transit-Vancouver] Decoding VIN (Re: B8104 and B8107 at VTC!) Happy New Year! Since you were kind enough to supply the VIN for B8110 I can supply a bit more info: Pos 1-3 2FY is the World Manufacturer Index (WMI) for most of New Flyer's Canadian deliveries. They also use 1FY and 5FY mainly for the U.S.-destined coaches. Pos 4 D is the vehicle Type, but NFI mos...

FPZ CARRY VALl A TRANSITFAREON TRANSLINKBUSES Beginning June 25. all TransLink buses and Community Shuttles in the Greater Vancouver region will be officially designated as Fare Paid Zones. All customers must carry a valid proof of payment (ticket. pass or validated FareSaver) whenever they are aboard a TransLink vehicle. Fareenforcement will be conducted by Transit Police officers and Transit Security members. Anyone who fails to produce a valid fare u...

NFI Trolleys in Vancouver
NFI Trolleys in Vancouver  and it was here that the UTA double arrow was affix ed. This of course never made it to Vancouver, and the rest had the blue stripe carry o n to the front of the bus at the sme level. It was a couple of years later (mid-1994) that BCT decided to eliminate the blackout front on all the buses and the entire fleet was repainted so that the blue and white carried across the front. The inside of those doors then became a constant co mplaint with drivers co...

Rev_Vehicle_List_Dec_3-07 10/01/2008 REVENUE VEHICLE LISTING - DECEMBER 2007 Bus Location Department Serial Number Year Class Wheelchair Seating Carrying Licence PM Decal Owner Code GVW 2101 VTC 176 2FYE5FJ155C027865 2005 TROL Y 31 77 5268...

INTRODUCTION TO ROCKWELL-STANDARD SKID-TROL Skid- Trol is a product of Rockwell International, the world's largest and most experienced maker of truck axles, truck brakes, trailer axles and trailer brakes. Rockwell International currently supplies the truck and trailer industry with over 70% of its air brake components. Skid-Trol wheel anti-lock brake control system combines our comprehensive knowledge of heavy-duty brake equipment with the electronic expertise of our Microelectronic...

The Unified Provincial Fleet numbering system. Early in 1975 the Bureau of Transit Services introduced a new numbering system for all transit vehicles in the various fleets in the provinces. The intent was to assign a permanent number to each unit regardless of the number actually worn by the vehicle in the system it was assigned to. In addition, the UPF number would be worn by the vehicle when it was assigned to a Small Communities system. Since 1994 the UPF number system has been abando...

victoria Victoria Numbering System Victoria numbering system The Beginning BCER's Victoria division operated the first motor bus in the company's fleet in 1922, numbered one. Twenty-two coaches entered service through the end of World War II, and these were numbered V1- V22, the letter to differentiate the bus from the mainland "M" series. When the first Brill C36s arrived in 1946, they initially carried a 2 digit number in sequence with earlier coaches; in short order all Victoria buses ...

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01.501 0390
BC Transit (BC) 6707
<A HREF="">Expansion of Victoria bus service</A>; Mission 6707: sold to Hongkong Bank of Canada a

01.501 0391
BC Transit (BC) 6708
Trail. sold to Hongkong Bank of Canada and leased back VEHICLE UNACCOUNTED FOR IN 07/29/94 ROSTER 95.06.06: Secheldt 96/02/28 Roster:Squamish;<A HR

01.504 0380
BC Transit (BC) 6772
Trail.sold to Hongkong Bank of Canada and leased back;02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 5785NJ; 07/09:Scrapped at Budget Steel, Victoria fall 2007

01.504 0389
BC Transit (BC) 6781
Kelowna sold to Hongkong Bank of Canada and leased back, 96/02/28 Roster:Trail;02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 5595NH;

Private (See Notes)
Victoria. named Maldives for 1994 Commonwealth Games leased. Royal. 02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 9049TV;;02/10:deplated ex 3896BW;

BC Transit (BC) 8845
named Hong Kong for 1994 Commonwealth Games Victoria. leased. Royal 02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 9050TV;;02/05:deplated ex 3899BW; 2004:sol for

Private (See Notes)
Victoria. named Sierra Leone for 1994 Commonwealth Games leased from Royal;02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 7610CE;;02/08:deplated ex 9122DN;

BC Transit (BC) C031
Stored as spare vehicle

Globalnorth (BC) ?
:This one is nee GO Transit (ON) 1448. Running around Vancouver still in GO paint (PK) (mt); 2009:Vehicle up for auction (adm

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 4192
DE, 6V92TAC eng., V731 ATEC trans, wheelchair lift 3401-to Burnaby Transit Ctr. 5482 in 1992 Renumbered to permanent series, Winter 1996; 97/4*:Seen

BC Transit (BC) 6720
CAMPBELL RIVER TRANSIT SYSTEM 02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 8499WX;

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 3241
6V92TA eng., suburban seating;98/1/17: involved in 3 vehicle wreck on 104th in Surrey.Hit in left rear, (DC); 99/4: Ex-BCT

BC Transit (BC) C174
Spare vehicle

BC Transit (BC) 8062
Victoria 02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 8621NN;

BC Transit (BC) 8066
95/06/06: Kamloops; 02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 7567XH;

Leased (Para/Custom) L097
Appears on MS roster for the first time 97/05. Owned by Cowichan Lake Community Services;02/03: Spare vehicle;

BC Transit (BC) 8098
02/03:Vehicle re-registered from 8556NN;

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 7200
99/4: Ex-BCT;TM: This is the only vehicle in the entire BC Transit Fleet that ends w/ "00". I have a feeling it was possibly a mistake when assigned

Cantrail Coach Lines Ltd. (BC) 801
05/09:Sept 29, 2005:Involved in one-vehicle MVA, I-5 Washington State. (MT);

Ext. Operator 4714
Delivered in BC Transit colours;has 285hp Srs 40 w. B400R transmission; 99/6: from BTC to STC; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;99/7:BTC;00/7:Loaned to Edmonton for eval

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 9207
<A HREF="">First production vehicle to RTC</A>;;01/10*:RTC-307

3554384 Canada (Greyhound Cda) 1134
w/c lift Involved in single vehicle accident near Hixon BC. 13/03:Refurbished & Repainted (KH)

West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) 701
T not carried on vehicle

West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) 702
T not carried on vehicle 12/11:12/11/28 involved in a head-on collision on Lions Gate Bridge. Car driver lost control, ramming bus. Significant front

E901A E10240 2341
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2726
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned by Hong Kong; 99/4: Ex-BCT 02/06:Vehicle re-registered from 7916NT;

E901A E10240 2355
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2740
DE, dual stream front bi-fold doors; Owned By Hong Kong; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;02/06: rereg. fr. 7930NT 03/06/22:Involved in accident with stolen Honda, damag

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 2268
08/03:Looks like 2268 was the innocent victim of a three-vehicle accident this morning (Sun Mar 9 2008) at Main & 33rd Avenue. She was doing nothin

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 7468
0;: :TL records this vehicle as 2FYDFY196... hence be careful with automated updates based on VIN (mt);

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 9777
Merged with duplicate record. Secondary entries may not be in order: ;08/10: Vehicle identified incorrectly in TL records -- watch for future OORS fl

44S 647C
BC Hydro & Power Authority (BC) 3271
66/05/07:Between 0400 and 0530 stolen from OTC, driven to Douglas Park (18th & Oak) and set ablaze. Valued at $5000, vehicle is total loss {BK}

British Columbia Elec. Ry (BC) 935
G.E. controls Seattle vehicle demonstrated in Victoria (scheduled 45.11.19 to 45.11.30), and Vancouver (45.12.05 to 45.12.14);scrapped in 1966;page 1

S8H5304A 140
International Movie Serv (BC) 3213
SD, suburban interiors. Originally assigned to Surrey Tst. Ctre. To Pacific Stage Lines in 1976. Returned in 1979 to Oakridge. At this time the air-co

SDM5302 886
Private (See Notes) 8952
LB 952 rebuilt after head on collision on Hwy 14. 952 was the first bus repainted in red/blue, red over the front roof, and is the only vehicle still

T48 5605
Metro Transit Operating Co 2123
dual stream front bi-fold doors, seats reduced to 42, converted to single seating left side in 1954. 2101-2168 retired by 1983 July 1973:Painted in

T6H5308N C010
BC Transit (BC) 3812
Super V gearing pkg. VS2-6 trans., 3812-Involved in fatal three vehicle accident in Richmond Jan. 6/94.Driver of automobile killed. Front end damage t

T6H5308N C136
BC Transit (BC) 8963
named Turks & Caicos for 1994 Commonwealth Games 4/95: to YVR Corporation for airside work (lease) fitted with roof orange flashing light;02/03:Vehicl

TDH4512 2294
Private (See Notes)
parked at private residence opp. Surrey Central Sta. in Surrey BC (99/2); 03/06:its now in a recreational vehicle storage lot River Road, Richmond (

TDH4519 C233
Private (See Notes) 8762
rebuilt in 1989-1990 to T6H4523N specs., Victoria named Cayman Islands for 1994 Commonwealth Games (This and 0767 were the only TDH4519s retrofitted

TDH5303 2063
BC Transit (BC) 3001
UPF 5211. Naniamo. Ex BC Hydro Victoria 910, nee South Suburban Safeway Lines 592 in 1975, to BC Hydro/BC Transit natural gas test bus 3001, Vanc'r, i

TDH5303 C452
BC Transit (BC) 3637
to Kensington Garage 5317, to SCTC, 1975 (7606) to OTCD in 1976, 3637 ex Surrey Transit Centre 7606 3637-submerged off Cates Park, North Vancouver n

TDH5304 C051
BC Transit (BC) 4712
4712- retired, to BCIT as diesel repair training vehicle

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Private (See Notes)
Training vehicle, Burnaby BC - Oct 2007

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