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4.8_Bus_Technology_and_Alternative_Fuels -2- The emission data will also allow us to refine our fleet emissions inventory used to estimate the effect of implemented strategies. To date, the project has included 21 test buses representing the following technologies and fuels: Table 1 ≠ Tested Technologies Engine Systems Drive Train Technology Bus Engine ...

APC New Text Document.txt --- In, Ba See Lo wrote: My source tells me: Hiya, The 14 APC's we have installed right now are from UTA. Urban Transportation Associates from Cincinnati, Ohio. At 23:42 -0400 4/15/04, Pat Scrimgeour so eloquently expressed: > > -----Original Message----- >> From: Ba See Lo [mailto:decheung@c...] > >> As it was explained to me from the head of OTC maintenance, the data >> is inde...

bcgov_news_20070430 NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Office of the Premier 2007OTP0057-000539 Ministry of Transportation April 30, 2007 WORLD'S FIRST HYDROGEN BUS FLEET ONE STEP CLOSER VANCOUVER ≠ The Province is a step closer to deploying the world's first fleet of hydrogen buses with $45 million that will go toward t...

bct1 bct The history of transit in British Columbia, Canada, is really the history of one company, the British Columbia Electric Railway Ltd. It and its successor companies -it was provincialised in 1962- provide public transit throughout the province. At first, just Vancouver and Victoria, but beginning in 1972, the provincial government offered transit service to various other communities. Some cities, like Nelson, Powell River, and West Vancouver, already had municipally owned transit sy...

Comparison of Modes
Adding up to a cleaner environment Transit Exchange, July/Aug. 1998 Both trolleys and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses play their part in reducing pollution in the Greater Vancouver region. Along with diesel buses, they make up most of the BC Transit fleet. How do trolleys and CNG buses rate pollution wise? And how does each of these technologies compare in cost? After covering diesel buses in the February issue of Transit Exchange, we now tackle the rest of the fleet. Trolley buses: in ...

GA_Licences General Authorization Licensees List as of June 30, 2007 For ease of referencing, this list is categorized alphabetically by the licensee's name. If there are any discrepancies in this list, the information filed at the Licence # Name Trade Name Address 71038 11525...

hydrogen NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Office of the Premier 2007OTP0057-000539 Ministry of Transportation April 30, 2007 WORLD'S FIRST HYDROGEN BUS FLEET ONE STEP CLOSER VANCOUVER ≠ The Province is a step closer to deploying the world's first fleet of hydrogen buses with $45 million that will go toward the producti...

news 01/01: From a source in Victoria: Tridents were not to be put out in service New Years Eve. But, apparently, they were. Three had seats slashed on the upper deck. All have been repaired using spare bolts of cloth sent over from the UK with the buses. Overall BCT is pleased with the Tridents and will likely exercise its option for more, but this time with Alexander bodywork. Trident 9009 seems to be the odd man out... its body was built in Birmingham, England, not Portugal. It appears the ...

Quesnel BEST PRACTICES IN PUBLIC TRANSIT NO. 1 SUMMER 2005 PUBLISHED BY BC TRANSIT Photo by Mas Matsushita Getting your Politicians on Board: A Case Study Quesnel, British Columbia, a small community of 10,000 residents, is big on transit. City council makes transit a priority and continually stays in touch...

Surrey Leader
Mayors resisting TransLink reform By Jeff Nagel Jun 15 2007 A number of regional politicians are vowing to fight transportation minister Kevin Falconís radical remake of TransLink every step of the way. Since the required legislation didnít pass the Legislature this spring, they will start by refusing to join the transportation ministerís plan to get an early start on work to select a new, unelected professional board of directors. Falcon says the reforms will go ahead, with or ...

vancouver.pdf Vancouver Transit Natural Gas Bus System Background BC Transit - Vancouver, provides a fully integrated natural gas and pay the standard tariff rate. The buses transit service in the Vancouver lower mainland area were commissioned and introduced into service in using diesel, CNG buses, trolley buses, Sea Bus, Sky November 1995 and operate out of the Port Coquitlam Train and commuter rail in an 1,800 square kilometre Transit Facility....

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Aeronca Bus Co. Ltd (BC) 217
nee Perimeter Transportation Ltd (BC) 641;02/10:At yard in Delta; :When at CBL it was in the CBL fleet but always owned by ABC. (JD) (mt

Pacific Trailways (OR) 634
To Bridgewater Transportation 237 (AZ)

Gray Line Of Vancouver 793
ex-Greyhound Canada L793; ex-Maverick CL 793; ex-Atlas Motorcoach 4210; nee United Trails 11003; acq: 2000;ret: -;Leased from 3554384 Canada Inc (Grey

Gray Line Of Vancouver 798
ex-Greyhound Canada L798; ex-Maverick CL 798; ex-Atlas Motorcoach 5010; nee United Trails 11012; acq: 2000;ret: -;Leased from 3554384 Canada Inc (Grey

Gray Line Of Vancouver 799
ex-Greyhound Canada L799; ex-Maverick CL 799; ex-Atlas Motorcoach 5210; nee Capital CL 102; acq: 2000;ret: -;Leased from 3554384 Canada Inc (Greyhound

Courier 95D 392
Horizon Coach Lines (BC) ?
EX COACHWAYS S-120, SUNBURST 212, SASK TRANSPORTATION 518 ;To Horizon C/L (Bill Fedoration) (BC);

Unknown 140
lsd to Walsh Transportation 140 (ON)

Tillicum Stage Lines 2260
07/07:July, 2007, near Chilliwack. Wilsons Transportation, Victoria, BC is the owner of this coach.It was a Prevost H3-45 fleet # 2260, ex Southcoa

R&J McMynn Leasing 6001
Lsd to Symcha Transportation 320 (ON)

Wheatland Express Inc. (WA)
ex-Ryan's Express Transportation Services Inc (NV)

Wheatland Express Inc. (WA)
ex-Ryan's Express Transportation Services Inc (NV)

Wheatland Express Inc. (WA)
ex-Ryan's Express Transportation Services Inc (NV)

Wheatland Express Inc. (WA)
ex-Ryan's Express Transportation Services Inc (NV)

Courier 95D 352
Vancouver Tours & Transit (BC) ???
ex Richmond Coach Lines 222 (BC);nee Saskatchewan Transportation Co #505;

MC2 582
Pacific Stage Lines Ltd. (BC) 6349
ex Charterways Transportation Ltd. 1005, Malton, ON; nee Terminal Transport Ltd, Malton, ON, #5.; Scrapped.

MC5B 7047 9562
Brewster Tpn. & Tours Ltd.(AB)
To Mitchell Transportation Co. #? (MT)

Forest Bus Lines 206
Ex Vancouver Is. C/L 817; to K. Smith (Gizah Temple) - Charter Lines of BC 206; then to Hil Transportation (BC) 206 :l Charter Bus Lines of BC:leased

T44 5280
Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 2040
Trolley coaches used to convert Fraser-Cambie streetcar line in 1947. 2040 restored in 1983 by Brian Kelly (NVTC manager) to Transportation Museum, Cl

T6H5308N C003
West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) 84
Involved in head-on collision at Roger's Pass, BC, while being delivered to West Vancouver. Bus was rejected and returned to GMDD in London, ON. It wa

T8H5305A 118
Northside Express (Dewdney Tpn 748
9/71 ex Golden Gate Transit 718, Sold to Cascade Charter Service 718 BC Became Briggs Student Tpn 748 (BC) d/b/a/ Fraser Vy Bus & Charter (BC) Lsd

T8H5305A 122
Northside Express (Dewdney Tpn 747
ex Golden Gate Transit 722, Sold to Cascade Charter Service 722, Sardis BC Became Briggs Student Tpn 747 (BC) d/b/a Fraser Vy Bus & Charter 747 (BC) L

TDH5304 C101
BC Transit (BC) 5457
Ex Oakridge 3714 (1st), Returned [as 3745?] to 3714 [in 1986?] To West Vancouver Municipal Transportation 94 in 89.06.19 Spring 96: Naniamo (Stored);

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