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4.8_Bus_Technology_and_Alternative_Fuels -2- The emission data will also allow us to refine our fleet emissions inventory used to estimate the effect of implemented strategies. To date, the project has included 21 test buses representing the following technologies and fuels: Table 1 Tested Technologies Engine Systems Drive Train Technology Bus Engine ...

news 01/01: From a source in Victoria: Tridents were not to be put out in service New Years Eve. But, apparently, they were. Three had seats slashed on the upper deck. All have been repaired using spare bolts of cloth sent over from the UK with the buses. Overall BCT is pleased with the Tridents and will likely exercise its option for more, but this time with Alexander bodywork. Trident 9009 seems to be the odd man out... its body was built in Birmingham, England, not Portugal. It appears the ...

North Vancouver Bus Routes
North Vancouver Bus Routes ...

Quesnel BEST PRACTICES IN PUBLIC TRANSIT NO. 1 SUMMER 2005 PUBLISHED BY BC TRANSIT Photo by Mas Matsushita Getting your Politicians on Board: A Case Study Quesnel, British Columbia, a small community of 10,000 residents, is big on transit. City council makes transit a priority and continually stays in touch...

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Demonstration vehicle 5001
GM TA60102N articulated demonstrator, leased Mississauga Transit 5001, used on #20 Granville/Victoria route and PNE express routes 8/82 Photos:MTN

1N460 FL013586
Demonstration vehicle
Neoplan/Garratt dual-mode "E" bus prototype, used on various Vancouver trolley and diesel routes throughout the system in Summer 1986 (EXPO 86)

D800 D10240 0597
BC Transit (BC) 5148
to Burnaby Transit Ctr. (3/87), returned 7/87. To BTC (08/90) as 5148. On loan to Oakridge in 1992 Assigned to BTC April to June, 87 to test compatib

T6H4521 C043
BC Transit (BC) 8778
rebuilt in 1989-1990 to T6H4523N specs., named Guernsey for 1994 Commonwealth Games 95.06.06: Squamish; In store by 96/10/11 PHOTO: PA/E-01822 ;99/?:

T6H4521 C044
BC Transit (BC) 8779
rebuilt in 1989-1990 to T6H4523N specs., named Antigua and Baruba for 1994 Commonwealth Games o/l to OTC, 7/95 returned to VTC by 10/95 96/02/28 Rost

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