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Deep Cove
Deep Cove Cove ready to provide for east side resIdents wIth a second bus, distrIct council was told Tuesday. company, presently run≠ ning a one-bus service uver Davi aid proposed one-way the hutUe from which ,month approvcd a for on schedules propo ed ervice. ...

NDP Cook Books
NDP Cook Books Government cooked the books on buses~ N. P claims SQDViciOrla~Y~au S~Ubl~ works ministry be- getting any revenue back. VICTORIA - The lieved Soc red promises In Vancouver, ATU busi∑ prov incial government that they would be absorb- ness agent AI Ashton said was accused Thursday of ed elsewhere in the sys- in an interview the union "cooking the books" to tern. . fears a ...

Surrey Leader
Mayors resisting TransLink reform By Jeff Nagel Jun 15 2007 A number of regional politicians are vowing to fight transportation minister Kevin Falconís radical remake of TransLink every step of the way. Since the required legislation didnít pass the Legislature this spring, they will start by refusing to join the transportation ministerís plan to get an early start on work to select a new, unelected professional board of directors. Falcon says the reforms will go ahead, with or ...

TRIP Trolley Electronics #1. -How are the electronics set up on our > current fleet? Just what is in the engine bay of the bus and what is mounted underneath? I imagine there's a fairly significant number of batteries for the auxiliary power unit... The batteries are in trays along the left and right sides of the buses, the ones that have grilles in them. #2. -What did they do in the various TRIPP programs? I know there were some changes to improve cooling and to try and keep stuff dry but...

Wheelchair Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Experimental wheelchair lift fitted to 2846 (From Transit Vancouver newsgroup on yahoo groups) > Interesting to note as well that at one time, 2846 was fitted with a wheelchair lift as an experiment to see how difficult it would be to fit lifts in the trolleybus fleet. The lift was fitted to the rear doors... resulting in a 3 seat- bench being placed opposite the rear exit. To make up for the lost seats, some ...

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