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BBC trolleys for Vancouver
BBC trolleys for Vancouver Search: --- In Transit - , "Jim" wrote: "It's unfortunate that one simple decision made in 1981 (the decision to go with Westinghouse over Brown Boveri) resulted in the overall cost of these new trolleys (Flyer E901/2) being some five times that of their replacements." What utter bullshit. The BBC trolleys were a non - starter in Vancouver. It was not a "simple decision". BBC's decision to go prime and tie themselves up wit...

vancouver.pdf Vancouver Transit Natural Gas Bus System Background BC Transit - Vancouver, provides a fully integrated natural gas and pay the standard tariff rate. The buses transit service in the Vancouver lower mainland area were commissioned and introduced into service in using diesel, CNG buses, trolley buses, Sea Bus, Sky November 1995 and operate out of the Port Coquitlam Train and commuter rail in an 1,800 square kilometre Transit Facility....

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