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bct1 bct The history of transit in British Columbia, Canada, is really the history of one company, the British Columbia Electric Railway Ltd. It and its successor companies -it was provincialised in 1962- provide public transit throughout the province. At first, just Vancouver and Victoria, but beginning in 1972, the provincial government offered transit service to various other communities. Some cities, like Nelson, Powell River, and West Vancouver, already had municipally owned transit sy...

Columbia Subsidy
fares utilities coquitlam port moody columbia subsidy...

New Flyer - Fleet Model - Low Floor
New Flyer - Fleet Model - Low Floor-40 feet - Diesel Specifications Model D40LF Length 40.6 ft over bumpers 39.9 ft over body Width 102" over body Width, incl. Mirrors 132" approx. Height 111" Floor Height 14.5" 11.5" Kneeling Wheelbase 293" Interior Height, floor to ceiling 94" above front axle 77" above rear axle Tire Size B275/70R22.5(std) or 305/70R22.5 Aisle Width 24" minimum Weight, Diesel 27,600 lb. estimated, depends on options Approach Angle 9° Departure Angle 9° Breakover Angle 8.3° ...

Sabina New Bus Service
Sabina New Bus Service in Coquitlam...

Surrey Leader
Mayors resisting TransLink reform By Jeff Nagel Jun 15 2007 A number of regional politicians are vowing to fight transportation minister Kevin Falcon’s radical remake of TransLink every step of the way. Since the required legislation didn’t pass the Legislature this spring, they will start by refusing to join the transportation minister’s plan to get an early start on work to select a new, unelected professional board of directors. Falcon says the reforms will go ahead, with or ...

Transit In The Tri-cities
Transit In The Tri-cities Tri-Cities Inter-City Transit ran to the Coquitlams and Port Moody. I had almost forgotten about them. They got started with a major push from who sold them 6 Twin 44S at knock-down prices and kicked a bit of free repair work. This to avert the growing pressure for to own services into Coquitlam, which days ended at North Road with the exception of the ...

Wheelchair Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Wheelchair accessibility in the 90s Experimental wheelchair lift fitted to 2846 (From Transit Vancouver newsgroup on yahoo groups) > Interesting to note as well that at one time, 2846 was fitted with a wheelchair lift as an experiment to see how difficult it would be to fit lifts in the trolleybus fleet. The lift was fitted to the rear doors... resulting in a 3 seat- bench being placed opposite the rear exit. To make up for the lost seats, some ...

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Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 3171
6V92TA eng., V731 trans., suburban seating, wh/chr lift,electronic signs-This bus has been running around the Tri-Cities since fall 1993 with one fron

TransLink (BC) S008
Commerical Body Builders;Community Shuttle in White Rock 04/08:In Tri-Cities, but with "White Rock" above door (MT); 07/08:to radio project a

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