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E901A E10240 2330 2715 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Turning off Willingdon, Burnaby BC Keith Hodges
E902 E10240 3011 2940 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) All Over Ad for CDI College Keith Hodges
2AUYT82J7L3000096 4236 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Some 4200s have a spacer inside the engine compartment to keep the hood ajar. Michael Taylor-Noonan
2PCX3349311027389 3005 Pacific Coach Lines (1984) Ltd (BC) In Vancouver, on Homer St. by the library Michael Taylor-Noonan
2P9L3340 L1001582 6611 Gray Line Of Victoria (BC) Nanaimo Keith Hodges
1M8DDM7A1FP040360 302 Laidlaw Transit Inc. (AB) Nanaimo Keith Hodges
1M89CM8A8DP038466 212 Laidlaw Transit Inc. (AB) On lease to Northland Keith Hodges
2FYD2LL17VU017056 9726 BC Transit (BC) Rear Ad: Westwood Marine (June 2003) Keith Hodges
2FYD2LL12VU017062 9732 BC Transit (BC) Rear Ad: Amigo Airways (June 2003) Keith Hodges
2FYD2LL15SU016113 957 West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) Lions Gate Bridge Keith Hodges
2FYD2LP11YU021313 7423 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Climbing 8th St N/B crossing Royal Ave, New Westminster BC Keith Hodges
2FYD2LP121P022717 7446 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Burnaby BC Keith Hodges
2FYD2MG19MU014031 912 West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) Crossing the Lions Gate Bridge N/B, Vancouver BC Keith Hodges
E902 E10240 2514 2901 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Granville St Bridge Keith Hodges
2FYD2LL1XXU020473 995 West Van. Municipal Tpn. (BC) Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, W. Vancouver Keith Hodges
E902 E10240 2772 2947 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Cambie St. Keith Hodges
2FYD2LP10YU021318 7428 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Hwy 1 near Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, Vancouver BC Keith Hodges
2FYD2UM13YU021162 8049 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Stanley Park, Vancouver Keith Hodges
2AUYT82J2K3000201 4152 BC Transit (BC) Suburban Classics do not have a display for the 43 Joyce Stn/UBC, so a piece of paper blanks out the 1 of 143. Terry Muirhead
2FYD2CG16MU014142 3195 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) On Lions Gate Bridge Keith Hodges
2AUYT82J6L3000087 4249 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Burrard St, Vancouver Keith Hodges
1FDXE45F92HB69194 S014 TransLink (BC) Langley Centre Keith Hodges
1FDXE45F92HB69194 S014 TransLink (BC) Langley Centre Keith Hodges
2AUYT82J6L3000154 4213 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Surrey, BC Keith Hodges
2FYD2LL13XU020295 7323 Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) Surrey Centre, Mr. Lube wrap Keith Hodges

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