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4.8_Bus_Technology_and_Alternative_Fuels -2- The emission data will also allow us to refine our fleet emissions inventory used to estimate the effect of implemented strategies. To date, the project has included 21 test buses representing the following technologies and fuels: Table 1 Tested Technologies Engine Systems Drive Train Technology Bus Engine ...

D800 D800 Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 In, "JB" wrote: A little history here. In 1973, American Motors decided to get into the bus business, joining GM, and Ford (not to mention less memorable companies like Checker) and received an order from Washington DC but lacked a bus model. At the time, Flyer had not delivered their "700" transit bus to any American transit system so AM General approached Flyer to have the latter build bus shells for their Washington order. O...

New Flyer - Fleet Model - Low Floor
New Flyer - Fleet Model - Low Floor-40 feet - Diesel Specifications Model D40LF Length 40.6 ft over bumpers 39.9 ft over body Width 102" over body Width, incl. Mirrors 132" approx. Height 111" Floor Height 14.5" 11.5" Kneeling Wheelbase 293" Interior Height, floor to ceiling 94" above front axle 77" above rear axle Tire Size B275/70R22.5(std) or 305/70R22.5 Aisle Width 24" minimum Weight, Diesel 27,600 lb. estimated, depends on options Approach Angle 9 Departure Angle 9 Breakover Angle 8.3 ...

TRIDENTS ------- Start of forwarded message ------- Subject: Re: Trident report To: Michael TaylorNoonan From: Ba See Lo Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 16:49:49 -0700 Some friends of mine and I recently made a day trip to Victoria to ride the Trident double-deckers and the Dart low-floor buses. The transit strike in Vancouver is leaving us gunzels with withdrawal symptoms! The drivers seem to love the vehicles, both manufactured by Dennis. The Tridents have a Cummins ISM engine coup...

[bustrackers] Prestige Coach Lines
[bustrackers] Prestige Coach Lines September-28-08 7:19 PM Peter McLaughlin to bustrackers Hi guys, I am trying to find some more information on Prestige Coach Lines (Victoria, BC). I have photos of coach #'s 101 and 105 for Prestige. #101, I believe is an Ex-PCL unit and I also believe it is an MC-2. But I am not sure what spotting features there are to distinguish an MC2 to an MC-4. IIRC, the MC-4 still has ...

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Demonstration vehicle
Prevost demonstrator, automatic transmission

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 3255
Originally to be 4336, renumbered to put in sequence with the other bus equiped with 'World' transmission. DE, 6V92TA eng., World trans. ; 99/4: Ex-

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 7244
99/4: Ex-BCT ;00/06: rereg. fr. 6748CX;<A HREF="">Fuel Cell buses</A>; <A HREF="http://www.trans

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 7246
99/4: Ex-BCT ;00/06: rereg. fr. 6764CX;<A HREF="">Fuel Cell buses</A> - <A HREF="http://www.trans

Ext. Operator 4714
Delivered in BC Transit colours;has 285hp Srs 40 w. B400R transmission; 99/6: from BTC to STC; 99/4: Ex-BCT ;99/7:BTC;00/7:Loaned to Edmonton for eval

Demonstration vehicle
This very first Thomas SLF200 was fully built in England, chassis in June 1999 and bus completed with body by Alexander in August 1999. VIN is SFD182A

Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 9201
Pilot unit delivered in November, 2000. As you walk into the bus, the seating arrangement is like a regular transit bus due to the wheel chair lift, f

MC2 612
Private (See Notes)
602-To Hustlebus Ltd 4/79; "Thought you might be interested to know that I have owned MC2 Serial # 612 since 1990. It was sold by Hustle Bus to Ron

Rocky Mountain RailTours (BC) 820
no washroom,to Pacific Coach Lines (1979) Ltd. 6739 in 1979;To Maverick Coach Lines 745 (BC);

T6H4521 C200
BC Transit (BC) 6380
Ex Victoria 780 in 1990, to Nanaimo to Campbell River 6380 in 1992;98/6:Stored;98/11:Stored (COMO); :Both this and 781 had the top of dashboard push

T6H4521 C201
BC Transit (BC) 8781
781-, named Belize for 1994 Comonwealth Games o/l to OTC, 7/95 returned to VTC by 10/95;96/10/11 roster has it in store-Kelowna.;97/02/14*:Active;97/0

T6H5306 C024
Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 7701
10/04/97*:NVT, not reprefixed.; 99/10:Retired, painted in New York Transit colours for a movie (about Linda McCartney);99/10: retired from CMBC(PCT).

T6H5307N C2123
Coast Mountain Bus Co. (BC) 6604
DE -to Port Coquitlam Tst. Centre 9653 to Burnaby Tst. Centre,5650-equipped with Cummins eng./Voith trans. as test ex Port Coquitlam Transit Ctr. 965

TDH3301 112
Private (See Notes) 6000
Nelson. Damaged in garage fire, 4/75. Rebuilt and renumbered 6000; Retired and purchased in 1993 by Norm Smith. #6000 is a 1970 GM TDH-3301 powered b

TDH4512 2293
BC Transit (BC) 644
04/07:--- In, "Ken Baker" wrote: I received a tip from a friend of mine through Peter McLaughlin and Ma

TDH4519 C015
BC Transit (BC) 6052
Maple Ridge ex West Vancouver Municipal Tptn. Dept. 65 in 1989, by fall 1992 it was at Burnaby Transit Centre, minus engine and transmission, as a "Sm

TDH4519 C071
Transit Museum (TRAMS) (BC) 4612
retired 8/95:BCTSP;retired from BTC; to TRAMS;99/Q1:repainted to original BCH colours and renumbered 4612. :The GMC Diesel #4612 model TDH 4519 (VH t

TDH4519 C233
Private (See Notes) 8762
rebuilt in 1989-1990 to T6H4523N specs., Victoria named Cayman Islands for 1994 Commonwealth Games (This and 0767 were the only TDH4519s retrofitted

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