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Photo Credits

Buzzers and transfers: Rob Chew

2040, M852: John Day

730: Bryan Larrabee

132: Ashton Wong

3106: Evan Russell

Additional terms and conditions apply to other areas of, and are displayed on the relevant pages.

Copyright © 2018, Transit Museum Society


Transit Museum Society (“the Society”), a registered charity, is exempted from compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). In addition, when you become a member of the Society and provide a contact email, you also grant us permission to contact you via that email address. This permission also extends to communication from other members of the Society. The Society will not knowingly rent, sell, or give your email address to any third party, and will do its’ utmost prevent member’s email addresses from being exposed to others. However it is not liable for the consequences of any such exposure, even if caused by its own negligence. By remaining a member of the Society, you are deemed to have consented to the above.

Excursions - Conditions of Carriage

Excursions, also known as tours and fan-trips, are private events. At the discretion of the Society, members of the public may attend on designated excursions. All persons are expected to abide by normal safety and public behavior standards, to conduct themselves in a courteous manner to volunteer drivers, other participants, and members of the public, and to do nothing that would bring TRAMS into disrepute, directly or indirectly, with its generous sponsors or the general public. TRAMS reserves the right to deny access to any excursion to any individual (regardless of membership status) or group for any reason. TRAMS may require any individual creating a disturbance, causing a safety hazard, or conducting themselves in a disorderly or disreputable manner to remove themselves from an excursion, and may resort to support from relevant authorities to enforce any such removal order.


TRAMS reserves the right to cancel any advertised excursion, for any reason, at any time. Our sole obligation will be to refund any monies paid for the excursion. Normally, refunds will be not be given for any other reason, including the paragraph above. However they may be granted in exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Society. In the event of mechanical breakdown, partial refunds may be given, depending on circumstances.

TRAMS reserves the right to substitute advertised vehicles because of unforeseen circumstances, without notice and without obligation to offer refunds.


In purchasing a ticket online, our reservation system will collect your email address and other personal data. In completing the transaction, you agree that we may use this information in our marketing strategies for similar future excursions. You may rescind this permission by contacting us and requesting your data be deleted from our database on completion of your excursion. We will not give or sell this information to others.

Any decision reached by the Society respecting the above paragraphs is final.