Pacific Stage Lines #63 was manufactured by local builder Hayes-Anderson in 1937. It was one of 17 built in 1936 and 1937. Before the Second World War, they were the pride of the fleet, but such was the advancement of vehicle technology during the conflict, when peace returned, they were decidedly ‘old fashioned’. They were demoted to second-tier service as newer vehicles arrived.  #63 was withdrawn from service in 1951. It escaped the cutter’s torch by being donated to the Vancouver Fire Department to be converted into an emergency rescue vehicle. Later it became a canteen for firefighters. In the early eighties, it was replaced by another vehicle, and #63 returned to BC Transit, which restored it to operating condition.

Remarkable as it may seem, the Society did possess two of these buses. The other, #58, was in very rough shape; it donated some original equipment to #63. It was then scrapped.

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1937 Hayes PCT-32, #63 "Teardrop"