2040 is the only survivor of the first and second batches of trolley coaches bought by the BC Electric Railway in 1947/8. These were the vehicles that ushered in Vancouver’s trolleybus era with the ‘rails-to-rubber’ campaign.  There were a total of 82 vehicles purchased before the company standardized on the larger T48. Some of the earlier buses were disposed of at a young age in 1962, due to a downturn in passengers and their smaller capacity.  Ten went to Edmonton, while the rest were scrapped.  

The last T44 trolleybus was retired by BC Hydro & Power Authority in 1976. #2040 joined the now-defunct BC Transportation Museum. After spending some years in inoperable condition, 2040 has been fully restored to operating condition and sees occasional use in TRAMS excursions in Vancouver.

1947 Canadian Car-Brill T44, #2040